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World Authors Project - Sylvia Plath

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General Analysis:

The stucture of Plath's poetry is mostly free verse. She illustrates her themes through language, both literal and figurative, without a need for rhyme or structure. Sometimes, however, she does utilize specific syntax tactics. This can be seen in "The Colossus" (five lines to a stanza) and "Morning Song" (three lines to a stanza).
Plath's tone is fairly similar throughout the different stages of her life. The mood and feeling of the poem reflects the period in which she is writing. For example, poems written during the time period of faithful marriage are hopeful and starry-eyed. In sharp contrast, poems written close to suicide such as "Daddy" and "Lady Lazarus" are desolate and have an air of despair. The difference between tones and moods is easy to pick out.
Plath always includes an underlining theme of feminism, of beauty, and of womanhood. She was the original American feminist poet and held the female sex above the male. This was due mostly to the dissapoinment she encountered with all men (i.e. her father's untimely death and Hughes' infidelity).



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