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World Authors Project - Sylvia Plath

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     Plath left a deep dent in feminist literature. Her story and her suicide showed her readers and the world the suffering of a woman scorned by the men in her life. Her poems encompassed suffering and torment at the hands of the ones she loved, allowing her readers to express themselves through her story.

     In 1982, the late Plath won a Pulitzer Prize, the first poet to win the prize posthumously (after death). Ted Hughes (her husband) recovered two journals that were unpublished, sealed, and published them in what was considered a literary event. There was one last journal, written from the winter of 1962 until Plath’s death. Hughes destroyed the journal controversially, not wanting it to be read by the children.

     Plath is a main example of confessional poetry and set a standard in the movement, that of a completely honest author reader communication. Her death touched her readers and much as her life, the ending to a tumultuous life and marriage.


World Authors Project - Sylvia Plath - Sarah Zemach