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World Authors Project - Sylvia Plath

Authors Influenced by Plath's Works

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Three authors heavily influenced by Sylvia Plath

Emma Lee is an emerging poet from the United Kingdom. Several of her poems have been published in magazines and anthologies and had the honor of being read on the radio. She grew up on poetry soley written by men, one of those men being Ted Hughes. It was through his works she stumbled upon "Ariel" by Sylvia Plath, encouraged by the idea of a prominent female poet. Her poems can be read online here:
Ted Hughes, once the husband of Sylvia Plath, was also a poet. It is said that they equally colored the works of eachother, influencing the other through passion and experience. His later works after Plath's death speak of longing and remorse. It is suggested that Plath's suicide sparked these themes in his work. "Birthday Letters" details the relationship between Plath and Hughes. He is often the subject if attack for feminists, yet he claims no responsibility in the death of his late wife.
Anne Sexton was another feminist poet inspired by the works of Plath. Also American, she grew up in a similar environment. She also suffered from depression and was subjected to counseling between the births of her children. In a chilling similarity to Plath, Sexton also commited suicide after several attempts, she ended her life with by carbon monoxide poisoning in her garage on October 4th, 1974. Her poems centered around the plight of a woman in modern day society. A few of her famous poems including "When Man Enters Woman" and "The Kiss" can be viewed online here:


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